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What level am I?

Course Levels

Look at the definitions of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The definition that bests describes you is your level. Any doubts call 020 8337 1959 and we would be delighted to help.


Stage 1

The student should be able to introduce himself and someone else, give general information about himself, order drinks and snacks, check into a hotel and use the simple present. He/she can ask others about their origins, interests and occupation.

Stage 2

The student should be able to ask and give directions, choose clothes and ask prices and use some irregular verbs.

Stage 3

The student should be able to talk about past events, book a holiday and use the perfect tense.



Stage 1

The student should be able to talk about on-going situations in the present, read a menu and order a meal and use the present continuous and the reflexive verbs.

Stage 2

The student should be able to handle factual information and instructions and give appropriate responses, expressing opinions.

Stage 3

The student should be able manage sustained speech and participate in discussions. He or she should be able to read basic newspaper articles and get 80% of content.



Stage 1

The student should be able to adequately discuss most topics, using a wide range of grammatical structures.

Stage 2Course Level

The student should be able to easily express him / herself on most topics, using idiomatic language. He or she should be able to get 80% of broadcasted news (radio and TV) and to write a CV.

Stage 3

The student should be able to speak fluently and accurately on almost any topic using all grammatical structures. He or she should be able to use a wide range of vocabulary, including a large amount of specialised terms and a fair amount of idiomatic expressions.

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